Going Green

A manufacturer of zero emission electric scooters wanted to broaden their consumer reach by finding new sources of potential customers.  With a limited staff of field representatives, they turned to Genesys Technology Solutions LLC (GenesysTech) to help them explore new retail opportunities.

Fleet sales can be a significant contributor to OEM retail volume and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at colleges and universities provided just that venue for this OEM.  GenesysTech produced a comprehensive DPS database for all colleges and universities in the United States with student enrollments over 2,000 detailing senior contact names, contact titles, phone numbers, email addresses and department website URLs.

In addition to profiling DPS prospects, academic institutions provided another potential source with their Departments of Sustatainability (DOS).  DOS are typically umbrella organizations which include other green-focused departments such as environmental science, facility management, food science, campus transportation etc.  In fact, the degree of “green-ness” in academic institutions is the subject of an annual study by the College Sustainability Report Card (www.greenreportcard.org).  Supplementing the DPS profile data, DOS contact information was also integrated into the database.

In order to make the data more accessible and intuitive to the client, GenesysTech created a companion data set in Google Earth format.  Google Earth is a free virtual navigation program that enables users to view geographic information on a global scale down to street level detail (www.earth.google.com).  Presented in this visual format, the client could readily investigate the data in an interactive easy to use environment (see images below: national, local, street).