Going Greener

A manufacturer of electric vehicles wanted to expand their retail outlet footprint. Their existing network consisted of a Big Box retail chain in selected markets as well as green retailers (largely bicycle shops) and traditional powersports dealers.

Since they needed to increase their market representation within the powersports segment, they wanted to identify prospective dealers who were located in areas identified as early adopters of green technologies.  At the same time, they had to be sensitive to the locations of their Big Box partners.

Since 2000, the Toyota Prius has been established as the de facto leader in environmentally-focused consumer vehicle sales.  Now in its third generation, the Prius annually retails over 180,000 units in the United States alone (Automotive News).  Since the Prius is only available as a hybrid, an examination of owner or consumer interest geography can help identify environmentally conscious markets. 

GenesysTech compiled a database that profiled Prius consumer interest (consumer leads from commercial automotive lead aggregators, e.g. Autobytel) for an entire calendar year spanning some 90,000 leads.  This data was prepared as a Google Earth overlay which enabled the client to easily visualize areas of high Prius interest activity.  In addition to the Prius data, Google Earth files of targeted powersports dealers and Big Box locations were also prepared.  In combination, these files identified prospective dealers in green predisposed geographies as well as remaining sensitive to the locations of partner Big Box stores (see below).  This enabled the client OEM to optimize their search for prospective dealers without compromising their partners.