Up in a Down market

An OEM with ambitious dealer expansion plans but limited resources engaged GenesysTech to help them reach their goal.  Initially, markets were identified where the client’s products were under represented.

These markets were then targeted for a highly focused call center prospecting campaign, using GenesysTech powersports industry dealer network data.  Candidate dealers were selected from a database of over 27,000 franchise points based on specific criteria such as annual revenue, credit rating, competitive brands carried and distance from existing dealers. 

Prospective dealers were contacted by our call center partner using a script designed to identify interested dealers, gauge their interest level and set appointments for subsequent OEM staff follow-up.  By interfacing with the clients existing CRM tools, prospect appointments were documented in real time and ready for follow-up.  As reinforcement, appointment email alerts were also simultaneously sent to the appropriate staff member.  Follow-up appointments were staged at a fixed number per day over several weeks to avoid overwhelming the clients’ limited staff.

In a year when most of the major powersports OEMs lost a significant number of dealers, this OEM posted a net gain of 35%.  The combination of a highly focused prospect list and a call center to pre-qualify and set appointments for dealer candidates enabled this OEM to achieve its goals despite its limited resources (see sample of appointments by week below).