Trade Area Analysis

Seeing all of your competitors on a map can be a very powerful tool.  Whether you are trying to decide what areas are underserved in the marketplace, or where to open a new facility, being able to visualize your competition allows you to see exactly where your business needs to be. …more

In order to leverage our dealer network intelligence products, GenesysTech developed prospectCommander™, a web-based application which allows you to investigate market opportunities, understand market area dynamics, optimize the location of new facilities and more.  Designed to take advantage of the Google Maps development environment, prospectCommander™ extends the capabilities of virtualProspector™.   It features a powerful trade area modeler which predicts dealer market boundaries based on unique dealer characteristics such as OEM market shares, product lines, OEM awards and certifications, annual revenues, facility size and more.  Within each dealer boundary, prospectCommander™ aggregates retail activity to predict the revenue potential of each dealer.  In the example below, the effects of market shares and annual revenues on dealer trade boundaries are illustrated. 

When managing a dealer network, there is always a risk that a new retail location will cannibalize sales from the existing dealer network.  With prospectCommander™, you can virtually introduce new prospects in the marketplace and examine revenue potential as well as the degree of cannibalization that might occur.  You can also remove a dealer from an existing network to determine if the remaining dealers can absorb the lost business.  Illustrations of both cases are shown below.