Virtual Prospecting

Knowing how to efficiently target prospects in a market gives you a huge advantage over your competition.  Where are the best candidates?  How do you contact them?  Are they worth the time and effort to contact?  Virtual prospecting can answer these questions so that you can easily identify the best candidates for your business.

GenesysTech’s virtualProspector™ data products give you the ability to explore dealer network intelligence in the interactive Google Earth environment.  Much of the same content available in dealerScape™ is contained in virtualProspector™ allowing you to interactively examine prospective locations in relation to your existing dealer network or in relation to retail activity.  In Google Earth’s “Streetview” mode, you can even take a virtual walk through the neighborhood.  A virtualProspector™ sample of Pontiac dealers in California is shown below (you will need the GoogleEarth Plugin which can be found here )